Premiärinbjudan – EMPRESS HELENA – Tsarinna Helena

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Mother to Constantine The Great, AD 300

Premiere in English
September 30th 2013, at 19.00
 Götgatan 73, Södermalm, Stockholm.

This year is celebrating 1700 years of ‘Edikt of Milan’, proclamation about religions tolerance.
Monodrama Empress St. Helena, is about one of the history’s most remarkable women.
She discovered the hiding place of three crosses used at the crucifixion of Jesus.
She worked to uncover the history of Jesus in Jerusalem and establish Christianity as equal religion in Roman Empire.
Her son Constantine The Great issued the now famous “Edict of Milan” 313 AD, Proclamation about religions tolerance, permitting Christianity in the West and East Empire.
Both The Mother and Son are celebrating as the Equal of the Apostles. Her truly love, passion, hates, patient, sufferance, motherhood and faith will this monodrama uncover.

Acting and directing Jelena Mila
Writer Silvana Hadzi-Djokic
Costume Ateljé Axios
Scenography Amalia Årfelt
Directing as. Ana Topalovic
Music Alex Ilija & Bata Amvon, comp. L. Axelsson & R. Gustafsson
Production M.A.M.M.A. & Justin Theatre Production
Translation in English: Teodora Toleva
After play conversation with guests.Med stöd från:
Stockholm stad, Konstnärsnämnden, Ministry of Culture and Information Republic of Serbia, Serbernas Riksförbund, ABF Stockholm.

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