Empress St. Helena

Jelena na novcuJust nu jobbar vi med Tsarinna Helena – på engelska.

Monodrama Empress St. Helena, is about one of the history’s most remarkable women. 
She discovered the hiding place of three crosses used at the crucifixion of Jesus. She worked to uncover the history of Jesus in Jerusalem and establish Christianity as equal religion in Roman Empire. 
Her son Constantine The Great issued the now famous “Edict of Milan” 313 AD, Proclamation about religions tolerance, permitting Christianity in the West and East Roman Empire. 
Both The Mother and Son are celebrating as the Equal of the Apostles.
Her truly love, passion, hates, patient, sufferance, motherhood and faith will this monodrama uncover.
På scen Jelena MilaText Silvana Hadzi-DjokicKostym Ateljé Axios Scenografi Amalia ÅrfeltRegi as. Ana TopalovicMusik Alex Ilija & Bata, komp. L. Axelsson & R. GustafssonProduktion  M.A.M.M.A. & Justin Theatre Productionöversättning: Teodora Toleva
Språk – engelska!
premiär den 30 juni 2013, kl. 19.00 på 

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