Brothers Teofilovic – Браћа Теофиловићи

Brothers Teofilovic – Браћа Теофиловићи 


Konsert i Stokholm!!!


14 april 2016, kl. 19.00

ABF Stockholm

Sveavägen 41, Sandlersalen




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While their work is led by the belief that the human voice is the oldest and the most perfect musical instrument, the Teofilovićs have occasionally collaborated with instrumental musicians. They performed with Žorž Grujić, a member of the RENESANS ensemble of early music, who is a specialist in old instruments, with the composer and percussionist Nebojša Živković, and also with the accordion professor Boban Bjelić. However, their most successful and most important collaboration has been with the well-known Los Angeles-based guitarist, Miroslav Tadić. Together they made the album Vidarica (She-Healer) containing fourteen interpretations of folk songs from Central Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija, Bosnia, Dalmatia, and Macedonia. In a certain sense, the album Vidarica represents a new chapter in the career of the Teofilovic twins, since it combines their magnificent voices with the sound of a string instrument. This exciting musico-poetical story, according to the characterization of music critic Marija Ćirić, likewise had a superb public reception: Hence Vidarica becomes more than music; through the interpretation of these three musicians it gains indeed a healing power and offers a (sonic) representation of reality far more appealing than the one we inhabit (Marija Ćirić); An album like Vidarica, can be created only by talented narrators: a musical album and an important work for future generations, something that the audience should consume with a great responsibility (Ivica Stanković). The collaboration with Miroslav Tadić continued after the album, through a series of public performances.


The Teofilovićs have held a great number of concerts in almost all European capitals, as well as in Japan and the United States… They have appeared in some of the most prestigious concert halls in the world, including The Kennedy Center (Washington, DC), The Hall of Honor, (Canadian Parliament, Ottawa), The Franz Liszt Concert Hall (Budapest), The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Moscow), The Vienna Konzerthaus-Mozartsaal (Vienna), as well as in big festivals like the World Performing Arts Festival (Osaka), the Sziget festival (Budapest), the Estivoce Festival (Corsica), Canti di tradizioni (Sardinia), Mehr als Musik (Linz), The Sound of Stübing (Graz), Glatt & Verkehrt (Krems), The Stans Musikstage (Stans, Switzerland) to mention just some of them. The Teofilović twins have performed also in some of the most prestigious American universities: the New England Conservatory (Boston), the University of Chicago, George Washington University (Washington DC), the California Institute of the Arts (Valencia), and Franklin College (Indiana).

The Voices of the Century, The Music Art Icons, and the Supreme Artistic Achievement of the Festival, are among the titles and accolades bestowed on the Teofilović twins by the international press and festival organizers. It is in these live concerts that one can sense the incredible richness of their melodic interpretation, the poignant power of their vocal undulation, and the sheer force of their passion and commitment: their power to create a unique music experience that cannot be easily forgotten.



A capella sound from ancient Balkan  – whole concert





Concert in Stockholm